First PhD defense within FRIENDS2 project: Irene Heras Perez (ABG)

First PhD defense within FRIENDS2  project:  Irene Heras Perez (ABG)

Irene Heras Perez successfully defended her PhD thesis at the University of Seville, Spain last September 29, 2016 . Her thesis was entitled “Multilayer solar selective coatings for high-temperature solar applications: from concept to design” was  performed in Abengoa Research within  the framework of the project FRIENDS2. Her supervisors were Ramon Escobar Galindo, Elena Guillén (ABG) and Matthias Krause (HZDR).


She made a 50 minutes presentation where she highlighted the main achievements of her work. The presentation was followed by a round of questions made by the members of the examination committee. The thesis received the unanimous maximum degree cum laude and the international doctorate mention.



Irene is the first PhD student that has completed her thesis in the project. She will now continue her scientific career as a postdoc in the Institut de Planétologie et d’Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG), France.


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