FRIENDS2 kick-off meeting

FRIENDS2 kick-off meeting

On January 22 and 23, 2015, the consortium of the FRIENDS2 project got together in Seville, Spain, to officially mark the start of the project and to discuss the next steps. Next to the coordinator, Dr. Ramón Escobar Galindo, Dr. Manuel Gallas Torreira, head of technology at the STE area, welcomed the project partners to Campus Palmas Altas, the Abengoa Headquarters. He emphasized the significance of joint research efforts for both the industry and the academic sector. In particular, he pointed out that the development of new functional materials is crucial for technological companies like Abengoa. In this regard, he highlighted that the work to be carried out in the frame of the FRIENDS2 project lies within the strategic research lines on Abengoa Research.
The coordinating institution, Abengoa Research hosted the two-day opening meeting, where the participating scientists quickly created a common understanding regarding the project goals and individual roles. They discussed in detail the project content and goals, and drafted a secondment plan to carry out the ambitious tasks during the four years of the project. In addition to the secondments, specialized workshops will be organized in the four different institutions.

The coordinator invited the partners to visit Abengoa´s solar plants in Sanlucar la Mayor, 30 km from Seville. The partners were guided through the laboratory and the solar plants, which includes the two tower technology plants in operation, the three parabolic trough plants currently under construction and the R&D facilities.

After the visit, the team of researchers also seized the opportunity to together enjoy the historic center of Seville (designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987).
During those two days of extensive discussion and planning the project partners strengthened not only their enthusiasm for mutual scientific collaboration and motivation to work in a team for the next four years, but also discovered that the atmosphere within the team was indeed FRIEND2ly.


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