John Nicholls (CRAN) secondment in Abengoa Research

John Nicholls (CRAN) secondment in Abengoa Research

In October 2016, Prof. John Nicholls performed a 2 weeks secondment at Abengoa Research. During his secondment, AR staff had the pleasure of discussing with John  the work to be done within the FRIENDS² project regarding solar selective (WP1) and anti-corrosion (WP4) coatings.


On October  11th , John gave a seminar at the Materials Science Institute of Seville entitled “Structured Coatings offering Improved Corrosion Resistance in Harsh Environments”. Later on October 19th together with the coordinator of FRIENDS2 Ramon Escobar (AR), he visited the laboratories of the Materials Science Institute  of Madrid (invited by Prof Jose María Albella)  and the Surface Engineering and Nanostructured Materials of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (invited by Prof. Francisco Javier Pérez Trujillo)  where he gave a seminar entitled “Advances in Thermal Barrier Coating Technology for Future Gas Turbines”. A similar seminar   focused on the CSP research challenges was held at Abengoa Research facilities on October 20th.





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