Project Documents

Project Documents

Public Project Deliverables and Other Interesting Project Documents

Friends2 Project - Team

Public Project Deliverables

  • D6.1.- Friends Kick off Minutes of Meeting

  • D6.2.- 2015 Annual report

  • Public Documents

  • FRIENDS2 – Characterization-Techniques

  • FRIENDS2 – Deposition-Techniques

  • 2nd workshop “Advanced coating and characterization techniques” presentations (HZDR, September 2016)

    • 0. Workshop programme final
    • 1.- Combining X-ray and TEM techniques for microstructure studies on thin films nanocomposites  (D. Rafaja, TU BA Freiberg)
    • 2.- From hydrogen to heavy elements – depth resolved compositional analysis of materials by ion beam techniques (R. Heller, F. Munnik, HZDR)
    • 3.- UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopic ellipsometry and spectrophotometry of thin films (F. Lungwitz, E. Schumann, HZDR)
    • 4. -From micro to nano – Fundamentals and recent developments of Raman spectroscopy (M. Krause, HZDR)
    • 5.- Advanced X-Ray analysis of thin films (J. Grenzer, HZDR)
    • 6.- Overview on recent development on coating technologies for solar applications (B. Szyszka, TU Berlin)
    • Midterm meeting presentations (April 2016)

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