Secondment at Metal Estalki in October 2017

Secondment at Metal Estalki in October 2017

October 2017 was a busy month for Metal Estalki. In addition to a workshop that was held on 16 Oct 2017, four FRIENDS2 staffs did a joint secondment there.

  • Daniel Janke (HZDR) on 21 Sept – 20 Oct 2017
  • Matthias Krause (HZDR) on 02 Oct – 31 Oct 2017
  • Elena Guillen Rodriguez (Profactor) on 13 Oct – 01 Nov 2017
  • Adrianus Indrat Aria (Cranfield) on 15 Oct – 30 Oct 2017 and on 06 Nov -19 Nov 2017.

Many thanks to Ibon Azkona and his team at Metal Estalki for hosting us!


Ibon (right) explained the PVD system used for R&D at Metal Estalki to Matthias (left)


Ibon (left) and Elena (right) prepared some substrates for a coating deposition


Different substrates mounted on sample holders ready for a coating deposition


Elena (left), Indrat (centre), and Matthias (right) enjoyed their dinner together in Bilbao



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