Work Programme

In order to fulfil the objectives of the project, FRIENDS2 has been organized in a series of technical and organizational work packages to achieve the scientific objectives, organize the collaboration, and efficiently transfer the generated knowledge.

Work package concept and responsibilities of FRIENDS2

Partners chart

List of work packages:

New generation of optical coatings for thermosolar applications

Design and deposition of
i) absorber coatings for solar thermal receivers and
ii) reflective coatings for mirrors are the objectives of work package 1.
Potential coating candidates for up-scaling will be selected on an early stage of the project. Coating development and optimization will cover the R&D chain from basic research to coating production.

Protective coatings for heat storage components

The overall goal of this work package is to improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steels in contact with molten salts at high temperatures by applying protective surface coatings. The anti-corrosion coatings will be deposited by PVD and plasma spray approaches.

Advanced coating characterization

The main objective of WP3 is to provide complementary characterization techniques to the FRIENDS2 partners. This WP3 includes staff training and complex experiments at the cluster tool, a state of the art in situ analysis and modification system developed at the HZDR for advanced coating characterisation. The tasks performed in WP3 will point to the development of a common characterisation protocol for each type of coatings to share within the consortium.

Evaluation tests of optimized and selected coatings

The main objective of this WP is testing and evaluating the durability of the coatings. It includes an initial selection of the suitable coatings developed in WP1-2 based on the characterization done in WP3. Subsequently, stability test will be carried out in the laboratory facilities. The selected optical coatings for absorbance and reflective applications will be tested in the field at the facilities of associated partners (Gemasolar, PSA).

Networking and dissemination

The objective of this workpackage is to promote the good functioning of the network and to assure a successful transfer of knowledge and dissemination of the results.

Administrative project management

The management work package takes on the overall administrative, contractual, financial, risk and legal management of the Consortium. The objective is to coordinate and manage efficiently all the stakeholders and management activities involved in the project, so that the overall objectives can be achieved.